Hi There!!

I have called this blog ‘Open for business’ even though in a months time, at Clare Suzanne Bridal we will be celebrating our 1st Birthday!!!

Where has the time gone??

Literally about two weeks after we opened our doors in October 2018, I received an email from a great Magazine which I read on a regular basis called Bridal Buyer. The editor asked me if I would take part in an interview. I was so grateful and excited to be asked that I agreed straight away as I knew it would help get my new business on the map and it would open new doors for me to meet even more people in the wedding industry (It is a trade only magazine).

This magazine has a wealth of knowledge and has really great articles in every issue. It is based mainly around background information such as why businesses decide to open, what was the motivation behind the decision, along with the owners background knowledge, experience and research etc. It also gives new businesses the opportunity to tell people about their new venture, such as what is our strong focus?  What services we offer and of course, an opportunity to show the face behind the business.

The interview was done with a lovely editor called Zoe. After answering all of Zoe’s questions and talking about all of the important and finer details of our gorgeous new Bridal Shop in Liverpool, I quickly came to realise that the only pictures I had of my pride and joy where ones that I had taken on my iPhone! (Before and after, we all do it don’t we?!)

As many of us know, For magazines to use images, they need to be ‘High Resolution’ …. which is why we need experienced and very talented photographers who can see the vision you want and know exactly how they can capture it!…..…. Cue ‘Emma Hillier Photography’. (Emma also uses proper expensive photography equipment, not an iPhone!)

Luckily for me, I have known Emma since our cross country running days in school (Sadly a very long time ago….!) I think her work is amazing and it is always a good idea to work with a photographer who you know you will feel comfortable with.

Emma visited our Bridal shop and had a good look around. I walked Emma around everywhere. The main room where our stunning wedding dresses are on display, the fitting room where the magic happens where we throw the curtain back and the bride to be see’s herself for the first time, and then of course that all important area where we have ‘The box’ where brides stand to see the full beautiful view in natural light.

I talked to Emma all about the interview, and how I wanted to show everybody our vision and also how I wanted to continue to use the images on social media so that brides too, could know exactly what to expect when they booked an appointment with us. Emma listened carefully, asked lots of questions and got a really good feel for our boutique. After drinking endless amounts of tea, we had a great catch up talking about weddings in general, food, relationships, kids and Cooper (Emma’s dog)

After our trip down memory lane, Emma got down to what she does best. She moved bits about, tested lighting, dipped the odd biscuit in her cup of tea and then took lots of photos. I left her too it, snapping away (apart from the odd time to time when I followed her around with my iPhone.. as you do!) and we laughed all day!

With Clare Suzanne Bridal being a new venture, I was really happy when I received the final edited images.  If anybody is ever looking for a down to earth, relaxed, fun wedding photographer, take a look at Emma’s website or social media platforms. The photography is great!