Allerton is a beautiful suburb of Liverpool, historically in Lancashire. It is located 3 miles southeast of Liverpool city centre bordered by Mossley Hill, Woolton, Hunt’s Cross and Garston.

There are plenty of transport links including two train stations, regular bus services and a Taxi rank. In the past 10 years, many new shops, bars, and restaurants have opened on Allerton Road and it has become very popular.

Allerton Road features in the Beatles song “Penny Lane”. The ‘Shelter in the middle of the roundabout’. Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home at Forthlin Road is billed the Birthplace of the Beatles. Another draw is the prestigious picturesque Calderstones Park named after the ancient megaliths which are said to be older than Stonehenge.

We are situated in a prime location at the junction of where Allerton Road and Queens Drive meet. We are a first floor location. The boutique is very spacious, light and comfortable. We love it! We have been careful in the planning to design a beautiful and intimate room where you will feel welcome and at ease.

The colour scheme is greys and soft pinks with a comfortable seating area for you and your guests to fully enjoy your shopping experience. You can enjoy refreshments while being surrounded in sparkles and everything bridal.

At Clare Suzanne Bridal we have an amazing collection of wedding dresses and bridal accessories. We are confident you will love them as much as we do.

Allerton Liverpool Bridal Shop

We have been very thoughtful when choosing dresses taking into consideration styles and fabrics to compliment our brides and their different wedding themes.

We have chosen from the best and most talented designers in the industry. Our collections range from £1000 to £4000.

As the boutique runs on an appointment basis only, you will have full exclusive use of the boutique and our full personal service.

You can try on as many dresses as you wish, some brides are very confident in what they would like and others open to suggestions. We welcome all brides as we want you to find the dress you will love, own, and rock on your special day!

If you would like to make an appointment with us, simply email, call our boutique or fill in the appointment request form.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you.

Clare Suzanne x