Hello everyone,

It is so nice to take some time out, sit down and be able to blog again. I’ve currently got a nice cold glass of wine by my side as I am typing away thinking about everything I can tell you… I have been looking forward to this glass of wine all day!

Since my last blog were I was telling you all about the buying process and social media, we have started work on the boutique itself.

The boutique was a beauticians previously so therefore we have looked at a new layout and best options to make the boutique quite open yet intimate, stylish, warm and of course most importantly a lovely atmosphere to make sure everybody will feel welcome.

We started by having sinks taken out, water capped, walls plastered where work had been carried out and fixtures and fittings removed. We then stood back and generally looked at how we could make the most of the space.

The boutique itself is an old building, it has large arched windows which creates a lot of light. Due to these windows being quite old, one has had to be replaced before any other work could start. The flooring is white, which will then be warmed up with some lovely rugs. The colour pallet we have decided upon is grey, white and dusky pink.

The boutique itself is split over two levels. We have utilised this upper level and created a separate room completely for trying on the gowns rather than having a changing area within the shop itself. The reason we have done this, is that sometimes it can be quite an emotional experience and also I thought it would be nice for our brides to stand back and see how they look and feel before they make the big grand entrance to friends and family.

Now that the layout has been completed we are ready to get our brushes and start painting! I really can’t wait to see it finished and then move in all of the soft furnishings. We have had a few snags along the way, but then after all, It would be no fun if it was straight forward would it?  (Curtain poles are now a swear word in the boutique!)

Decorating is starting on Tuesday, and whilst we are busy doing this, the signage is currently being made and should be fitted in a couple of weeks, that is when it will really become real!

It is starting to come together now and I am still going through the motions of nerves and excitement, its great!

On my next blog I will share the journey with you by posting some more photographs but right now I am going to sign out as I have promised my handsome boyfriend I will buy him a pint as he has been working in the boutique doing some jobs today and it is his weekend off. #he’s a keeper!

Bye for now,

Clare Suzanne x