Hello Everyone,

What a fantastic month or two we have had! It really has been exciting and enjoyable.

The Boutique had the decorating finished, we had moved in the furniture, fixtures, and all of the soft furnishings. The mannequins were delivered and we managed to keep the social media sites updated as we went along.


We registered to attend a wedding fayre, we had all of our stationary printed, we even managed to fit in another bridal trade show in Harrogate! After all of the planning and running around our Beautiful Gowns finally arrived in store and let me tell you, they were worth the wait!

After unpacking, hanging, steaming and displaying our Gowns, I stood back, looked at our beautiful boutique and thought of all the hard work we had put in, then decided I wanted to change things!!!   Its a woman’s prerogative….. right?

Thankfully it wasn’t anything too drastic! I changed rugs, changed tables, moved a couple of mirrors then sat down and fell in love with my new surroundings.

After managing to get everything finished, we welcomed our Brides into store. Our very first weekend was full of appointments, laughter, smiles and Fizz. The feedback has been amazing. I am really thankful for everybody’s messages of support, visitors and wonderful comments on our social media pages.

The brides loved the boutique.  They were very complimentary regarding our collections and the boutique itself. We even had tears when one bride found her dream gown! We are in our second week now, we have more appointments booked in, and we are still receiving great feedback each day.

On Sunday 21st October, we attended a wedding fayre in the Maritime Museum, Royal Albert Dock. The venue was beautiful. It was a 4th floor location which provided beautiful views overlooking the water. The room gave a beautiful rustic feel with its wooden floor, reclaimed brick walls, warm lighting and filled with everything you could want to plan your perfect day.

There was a lovely atmosphere with so many business’s all providing different themes, products and offers. The happy couples loved it and so did we. Our gowns received so many compliments from brides and their families and other exhibitors at the fayre. We took plenty of leaflets to promote our new boutique. I was so surprised as to how many of you said “Oh, you are the new one on Allerton road!” Yes we are!! It was fantastic and exciting to know that our new small business is already becoming known.  I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding fayre. I am sure it will be the first of many for Clare Suzanne Bridal.

Clare Suzanne x