Hello Everyone,

What a busy few months it has been since finding the right premises for our new lovely boutique.

We are so happy and excited to be in such a great location.

There are so many things to consider when looking for the right premises such as nearby parking facilities, transport links, is it easy to get too? Is there plenty of footfall or do you rely on marketing yourself properly? And of course what other business are nearby? Are there some nice bistro’s about? Coffee shops or a nice cheeky little wine bar? After all when you are shopping for probably the most important dress you’re ever going to wear this should be a celebratory experience! So why not indulge in a nice glass of prosecco or three?!

Taking all of this into account I am sure you can tell we are delighted to be positioned on Allerton road.

After finding our premises, the next stop was a visit to the London excel centre for the trade show. We travelled to London in March to meet all of the fabulous designers. It is here, these designers  showcase their new up and coming collections. This was such a great experience, with so many emotions rolled into one. We were excited, curious, nervous, loving it.. you name it, we felt it! There are so many talented designers, beautiful gowns and so many supportive people how can you possibly choose???!

Luckily, we had done our research, had a really good idea of what we liked and set off to mingle. It was a great couple of days meeting new people, feeling the fabrics, touching the gowns, watching how they moved when the models walked. They did a fantastic job of showcasing the ones we liked, it was exciting seeing our collection of handpicked gowns and Accessories coming together, we have been very careful in choosing different styles to suit different body shapes and tastes.

After coming home, work started on social media and the website. We now have an Instagram and Facebook page.

A ‘Coming soon’ page has been created on our website with a temporary logo (While our branding is being finalised) and this blog has been created so I can keep you all up to date with the progress so you can join us on our journey.

Since then we have done lots of work behind the scenes and been back to Knightsbridge to meet with another very talented British designer to handpick one more collection to complete our full range which will be with us for opening Mid October.

We are confident our Brides are going to love the gowns as much as we do, we cannot wait for you to see them in the Boutique, we have something for everyone. Brides can expect to see different shapes, styles, fabrics and colours! You will be spoilt for choice!

Anyway, that’s it for now. The next exciting chapter is making our Boutique look exquisite for our Brides and their parties. I love this part!

Keep an eye out for updates and Wish me luck! Goodbye for now,

Clare Suzanne x