Hello lovely ladies, and congratulations on your engagement!!!!

We love hearing all about your proposals, there are so many different stories that We hear each day from Brides who come in to the boutique, that we actually look forward to It!

Now that you have your beautiful fiancé, you’ve got a gorgeous engagement ring, and you have chosen your venue, you are now going to be shopping for probably the most important dress you have EVER purchased!  (No pressure…….!)

I have typed the above this way specifically, because after talking to all of the lovely woman who come to Clare Suzanne Bridal, more often than not, these are the feelings and emotions that so many of you experience and Therefore lots of brides who come in are so nervous.

This is OK.

To hopefully ease those nerves, I decided to write this blog so that I can give you a little insight of what to expect.

I am Clare, and I will bring you upstairs into our lovely boutique.

I love our boutique as it has the mysterious feel to it…. it is completely private with it being in a first floor location and therefore nobody walking past can see in!

When you come in, you will walk into a room flooded with lots of light and a spacious seating area where all of our gorgeous gowns will be right before your eyes. We have only one fitting room, which is a really nice size and has plenty of space for you to try different gowns. We wont be interrupted as we work on an appointment only basis, you will therefore have the boutique to yourself for an hour and a half to two hours.

Your appointment will be professional but also lots of fun with a relaxed atmosphere. I always encourage brides to walk around and try different styles of dresses even if they are not keen on some of them, as you never know! The wedding gowns are stunning. We have lots of different styles such as traditional styles with long sleeves/ short sleeves/ strapless. We have A-line gowns, fitted gowns, simple chic gowns, boho styles and of course all gowns in different fabrics.

The choices are endless and sometimes, rather than trying to choose a certain style, sometimes it is better to eliminate. This is why your appointment can be so much fun! Just go with it, try on the one you don’t like just to humour your Grandma!! When you are left with a select few styles, the choosing becomes much easier, you feel much more confident and you have even more fun.

Once you have your preferred style, then you can focus on details. Do you want lace, embellishment, beadwork or would you like a simple elegant gown? The choices are endless, and it doesn’t stop there… ! Once you have your dream gown, you then have even more decisions. Would you like a veil, tiara, hair vine, jewellery, belt, shoes……. ?? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

One thing you can be sure of, all of the above does not have to be done in one appointment.

Choosing your wedding gown is not just a sale/purchase It is an experience, a happy celebratory experience. Have fun in your appointment, make the most of it, try gowns on that you know you would never choose! For any nervous brides out there, I can guarantee, as soon as you have put on your first gown, your nerves will have disappeared, you will love being here, you will love your experience and you won’t want to leave!!!

If I could give brides one top tip to think about before making an appointment, it would be to think about who you would like to bring with you. There are no rules, and it is your decision.

Think about who’s opinion matters most to you? Who’s opinion do you value? Who will be honest constructively? There can be lots of different opinions especially if there is a large group of people. Who’s opinion do you trust and would want to listen too most?

Once you know who you would like to bring, get booking your appointment! Saturdays generally get booked up quickly, however we also open late nights. (We will always fit you in somewhere, just ask!)

It is your special day, your decision. Choose a gown that you fall in love with and do not want to take off!

A few more things to think about….

  • When did you last have a bra fitting service? So many of us wear the wrong size bra. This can change the look of your dress if not wearing the right size. Marks and Spencer or Boux Avenue do a free bra fitting service. Take advantage!
  • Nude or white coloured underwear is best for trying on wedding gowns. However the choice is yours, you can wear whatever colour you like its your appointment, you are never going to offend me as I’ve seen it all!
  • Feel free to bring shoes with you to try on with your dress, If you don’t, we have some here. If you do not want to try any at all on with your gown that is also ok, when measuring you for your dream gown, we do it barefoot.
  • Keep your bridal party to no more than four people if you can. Remember the priority is you!
  • Please try not to wear fake tan. Bear in mind the dresses are ivory and we have great lighting in the boutique anyway.
  • The appointment is a celebratory experience, be open minded and enjoy it!

I hope this has given you an insight of what to expect, put your nerves at ease or even just passed the time for a few minutes if you just fancied a read!

If you do want to book in for an appointment, we would love to meet you.

Email info@claresuzanne.co.uk you can message us through Facebook or Instagram or you can call the boutique on 0151 735 0101

Look forward to seeing you,

Clare Suzanne xxx